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Pulmonary Artery Catheter: Swan Ganz Catheters

     Cardiac Output
     Catheter Description
     Central Lines
     Central Venous Pressure
     Heart Rate
     Internal Jugular Veins
     Mixed Venous O2
     Respiratory Failure
     Subclavian Vein Approach
     Systemic Vascular Resistance
     Technique for Microvascular Vein Grafting
     Wave patterns
     Wedge Pressure

        CaO2 = (1.34)(Hgb)(SaO2) + (0.0031)(PaO2)
        CvO2 = (1.34)(Hgb)(SvO2) + (00.031)(PvO2)
        Oxygen Delivery = Q * CaO2;
        Oxygen Delivery = Hgb (g/dl) * % O2 Sat * (1.39 * CO)
             - transfusion will increase hemoglobin;
             - inotropes will increase CO
             - oxygen will increase O2 Sat
             - correction of alkalosis and hypothermia will shift the dissociation curve to the right
        Oxygen consumption = Q * (CaO2 - CvO2)

An evaluation of triple-lumen catheter infections using a guidewire exchange technique.

A Randomized, Controlled Trial of the Use of Pulmonary-Artery Catheters in High-Risk Surgical Patients

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