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Mixed Venous O2 / VO2-DO2

- Sampling of Mixed Venous O2: 
- Shows changes in Arterial oxygenation as the Cardiac Output changes; 
- Allows calculation of AVo diff and Shunt: (for Respiratory Failure); 
- PVo2 < 30 mm Hg, prognosis is poor; 
- Discussion: 
- normally the Svo2 is about 68 to 77%, w/ a PaO2 to 40 mm Hg; 
- if Vo2 is constant, reductions in Svo2 values should reflect increases in oxygen demand or decreases in Cardiac Output or arterial O2 content; 
- decrease in Svo2 of > 10%, or a fall in Svo2 to less than 60% usually indicates inadequate oxygen delivery to the tissues; 
- Svo2 less than 50% is often associatted with hypotension

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