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Catheter Description

- most catheters have an air injection (balloon inflation) port, thermistor connector, a distal (pulmonary artery) port, and a Rt Atrial CVP port;
    - some catheters have a third port for fluid administration;
  ___ Air Inflation Port: Inject 1-1.5 cc of air to inflate balloon tip;
 __I__ (sq white end w/ special syringe)
  I I
  I I    ___Thermistor port (white): An electrical connector to allow
  I I    I I   connection w/ computer for calc of CO by thermal dilution;
  I_I    I_I ___
   V      I  I I Proximal port (blue): for CVP, fluid administration &
   V     I   I_I  and injection of fluid for CO determination;
    I   I     I      ___
     I I     I       I I Distal port (red): This sits at the end of the
      I     I        I_I  catheter, in the pulmonary artery; It is
      I____I         I    connected to a transducer to allow meas. of
           I        I     pulmonary artery press and wedge press; Mixed
           I_______I      venous blood is obtained thru this port;
          I  I
          I__I Flow balloon