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– Trauma: Avanta Stratec Rimlon Acumed AO/ASIF Corin Hand Biomechanics Hand Innovations Howmedica Johnson & Johnson Orthopaedics Norian Skeletal Repair system Smith & Nephew Taylor Spatial Frame Fixator Wright Medical Tornier Zimmer – Joints: Link America Inc Avanta Orthopaedics Biomet BioPro Implants DePuy Orthopaedic Encore Howmedica Johnson & Johnson Orthopaedics Link America Inc Smith & … Read more

Kienbock’s disease: Lunatomalacia

– Discussion: – disease which involves collapse of the lunate due to vascular insufficiency and avascular necrosis; – first described in 1910 by Kienbock (republished article); – disease occurs most often in young adults between 15 and 40 years; – is usually unilateral; – etiology: – vascular impairment; – single or repetitive microfractures that result in … Read more

Percutaneous Fixation of Scaphoid Fractures:

– Percutaneous Fixation:     – in the report by Bond CD, et al (2001), the authors evaluated 25 patients with acute nondisplaced fracture of scaphoid waist that consented to be            randomized to either cast immobilization or fixation with a percutaneous cannulated screw fixation;            – 11 patients were randomized to percutaneous … Read more

Palmar Radial Extrinsic Wrist Ligament

– Discussion:    – short radiolunate ligament:    – arises from palmar fibers of TFCC, originates from palmar margin of distal part of radius and inserts into proximal part of palmar surface of lunate;    – long radiolunate ligament:           – parallel to radioscaphocapitate ligament, runs from the palmar rim of the distal part … Read more

Closed Reduction of Distal Radius Fractures

– Discussion: (distal radius fracture menu)      – closed reduction & immobilization in plaster cast remains accepted method of treatment for majority of stable distal radius frx;             – unstable fractures will often lose reduction in the cast and will slip back to the pre-reduction position;      – patients should … Read more

X-ray Findings in SLD

          – See:       – PA View       – AP View        – Radiology of Hand & Wrist        – Radiology of Scaphoid Fracture – Discussion:    – clenched fist AP – ulnar deviation view (see: AP view:)         – proper technique: for visualizing … Read more

Wrist Arthrodesis

– Indications:     – painful or unstable wrist joint w/ advanced destruction due to OA, RA, post traumatic arthritis, SLAC wrist, spastic flexion               contracture, degenerative scaphoid non-union, unsuccessful wrist arthroplasty, and Keinbock’s dz;     – this procedure is more beneficial for young, active pts or middle aged pts, but not for elderly pts; … Read more