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- See:
      - Blood Supply to the Wrist
      - Triquetrolunate Dissociation

- Discussion:
     - triquetrium is the 3rd most commonly fractured carpal bone;
     - ular side of the wrist is supported by TFC, which articulates w/ both lunate and the triquetrum;

- Exam:
     - lies just distal to ulnar styloid process, in proximal carpal row;
     - to facilitate its palpation, hand must be radially deviated so that triquetrium moves out from under the ulnar styloid process;
     - triquetrum may be difficult to find, since it also lies under pisiform;

- Radiographs: 15 deg Reversed Oblique View

Late treatment of a dorsal transscaphoid, transtriquetral perilunate wrist dislocation with avascular changes of the lunate.

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