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Ulnar Styloid Process Frx

- Anatomy:
     - Tunnel V:
          - overlies distal ends of radioulnar articulation on dorsum of wrist, contains EDM;
    - Tunnel VI:
          - in groove between the apex of ulnar styloid process & ulnar head, contains ECU tendon which is palpable from where it passes
                   over ulnar styloid process to its insertion into the side of 5th metacarpal base;

- Exam:
    - ulnar styloid process: on the distal tip of the ulnar styloid process, you should feel small, shallow dorsal groove running longitundinally;
    - ECU tendon runs thru this groove;
    - it is most easily palpated when hand is radiallly deviated & tendon is contracted;
    - ECU is more palpable when wrist is extended & ulnarly deviated;
    - tenderness in area of ulnar styloid process may be due to either pathology w/ in process itself or to a colles frx w/ assoc frx of the
              distal end of ulnar styloid process;

- Management of Frx:
    - frxs of ulnar styloid process are assoc w/ frxs of distal radius and TFCC tears;
    - avulsion frx:
          - frxs involving lesser portions of ulnar styloid do not seen to be associated w/ significant instability of distal radioulnar joint;
          - w/ minimally displaced frx involves ulnar styloid, place upper extremity in long arm posterior splint in mid supination for 3-4 weeks;
          - supination is the normal anatomic position of the forearm and reduces subluxation of the ulnar head;
    - base frx:
          - ulnar styloid fractures at its base disrupt the major stabilizing ligaments of the distal ulna and TFCC and may lead to instability
                   of the distal RU joint;
          - see RU joint instability;
          - closed reduction and pinning: fixation is achieved with 0.035 inch K wire or with use of a cannulated screw;
          - open reduction:
                   - a displaced ulnar styloid frx which occurs along w/ a unstable distal radius frx, should be considered for ORIF;
                   - surgical approach: incision is made between the ECU and the FCU;
                   - consider intra-osseous wiring or a tension band construct

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