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Extensor Digiti Minimi (Quniti)

- See: Forearm Extensors:

- Anatomy:
    - origin: common extensor tendon off lateral epicondyle;
    - insertion: tendon of extensor digitorum at proximal phalanx of little finger & into dorsal expansion of finger extensor tendons;
    - action:
         - extends proximal phalanx of little finger at MP joint & assists wrist extension;
         - extends the middle and distal phalanges especially when proximal phalanx is held in flexion;
    - nerve supply: posterior interosseous branch of deep radial nerve (C6, C7, C8);
    - synergists: extensor digitorum;

- Tunnel V:
    - extensor digiti minimi lies over radioulnar articulation & may be the first tendon to be involved in RA;
    - overlies the distal ends of the radioulnar articulation on the dorsum of wrist, contains extensor digitorum minimi;
    - tunnel is palpable as slight indentation just lateral to the ulnar styloid process;
    - to palpate extensor digiti minimi, have pt rest his palm upon table and raise the little finger;
    - this tendon can move independently;
    - extensor digiti minimi lies over radioulnar articulation & may become involved in RA of the joint;
    - it may be subject to attrition, either from friction due to dorsal dislocation of the ulnar head or from synovitis

Extensor digiti minimi tendon transfer to prevent recurrent ulnar drift.