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- See: Blood Supply to the Wrist

- Discussion:
    - anatomy of hook of hamate:
          - is situated slightly distal and radial to the pisform;
          - forms lateral (radial) border of tunnel of guyon, which transports ulnar nerve and artery to hand;
          - vascular supply: vessels enter hook at two sites - hook radial base & hook ulnar tip;

- Hook of Hamate Fracture:
    - frxs of the hook may result from athletic activity (swinging golf club, etc) but may occur from direct blow;
           - hook of the hamate is particularly at risk in batters and golfers;
    - avascular changes may follow fracture of hook in hamate, and these may lead to hook necrosis and non union;
    - pattern of vascular supply suggests that most acute hooks frx should have adequat blood supply to heal if well immobilized immediately;
    - exam:
    - pain is accentuated w/ axial loading of ring and little finger metacarpals;
           - dx is usually confirmed by point tenderness over hook 1 cm distal and radial to the pisiform;
           - almost all patients complain of pain and tenderness on ulnar side of palm or on the dorsoulnar aspect of the wrist;
           - most common symptom is pain in the palm aggravated by grasp;
           - diminished grip strength, dorsal wrist pain, ulnar nerve paresthesias or weakness, and mild carpal tunnel syndrome are frequent.
    - diff dx:
           - intra-articular injuries, though rare, may also occur in hamate;
           - occasionally longitudinal sprain between trapezoid & capitate or capitate & hamate gives rise to ill-defined pain in ulnar aspect of the wrist;
    - radiographs:
           - see 15 deg reversed oblique view:
           - fractures of the body occur more frequently than frx of hook;
           - frx of hamate are difficult to dx as routine AP & lateral films fail to show frx;
           - most of frx can be diagnosed conclusively on carpal tunnel view or on special oblique radiograph w/ wrist supinated
           - CT scan will also demonstrate this fracture;
    - teatment:
           - pattern of vascular supply suggests that most acute hooks frx should have adequat blood supply to heal if  well immobilized immediately;
           - immediate immobilization of acute frxs may promote fracture healing and obviate operative intervention;
           - origin of the flexor digiti minimi brevis and opponens digiti minimi may cause a failure of a hamate fracture to heal;
           - nonathletic injury or crush injury adversely affects outcome;
           - pts w/ excisions of hook of hamate usually return to their pre-injury level of activity;
           - ORIF is possible but offers little advantage over excision, which typically produces excellent results

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