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Ligaments of the Wrist

- Volar Wrist Ligaments:
    - ligaments of wrist are most highly developed on palmar side of wrist;
    - palmar wrist ligaments originate laterally from radial styloid, & are directed in a distal ulnar direction;
    - intrinsic ligaments:
            - radial ligaments arise on palmar facet of radial styloid passing on to capitate;
            - ulnar sided intrinsic ligaments:
                   - capitohamate ligaments:
                           - three distinct ligaments: dorsal, volar, and deep portions;
                   - lunotriquetral ligaments:
                           - c-shaped ligament with three parts: the dorsal, volar (most important), and intramembranous portions;
            - between these arcades, is space of Poirier;
            - thru this interval escapes of distal carpal row from lunate in perilunar dislocation;
    - palmar ulnar extrinsic ligaments
            - ulnotriquetral (medial)
            - ulnolunate (medial)
                   - this is a key ligament along w/ the TFC;
                   - on occassion, may avulse from its insertion on lunate, and this injury will allow dye extension both into distal RU joint and into mid-carpal joint;
                   - references:
                          - An anatomical study of the ligaments of the ulnar compartment of the wrist
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    - palmar radial extrinsic ligaments:
             - ref: MRI of Wrist Ligaments

- Dorsal Wrist Ligaments:
    - dorsal extrinsic ligaments are seen after incising extensor retinaculum and retracting the extensor tendons;
    - superficial layer: dorsal approach to the wrist: splits the dorsal radiotriquetral ligament proximally and the dorsal intercarpal ligament distally; 
            - dorsal transverse intercarpal (trapezoidal-triquetral ligament):
                     - this ligament has some fibers which insert on the dorsal ridge of scaphoid but none that insert on the distal pole of the scaphoid;
                     - major portion of the ligament originates on the trapezium, runs radially and inserts on the dorsal ridge of scaphoid  the trapezium, and the trapezoid;
                     - deep portion of ligament augments the scapholunate and lunotriquetral ligaments;
            - dorsal radiocarpal ligament: (dorsal oblique radiotriquetral ligaments)
                     - arises from the distal radius at Lister’s tubercle
                     - it attaches to the dorsal horn of the lunate and then attaches to superficial component courses to attach to the dorsum of the triquetrum;

                     - references:
                             - The Incidence of Dorsal Radiocarpal Ligament Tears in Patients Having Diagnostic Wrist Arthroscopy for Wrist Pain 
    - deep layer:
            - scapholunate interosseous ligament;
            - lunotriquetal interosseous ligament;
            - scaphocapitate and scaphotrapezium-trapezoid ligaments: attach to distal pole of the scaphoid and resists scaphoid flexion;
    - references:
            - The dorsal ligaments of the wrist: anatomy, mechanical properties, and function.  
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            - MRI of Wrist Ligaments

- Wrist Ligament Injuries: (see carpal instability);
    - most of tension injuries to wrist occur w/ wrist hyperextenion;
    - radiocarpal ligaments will exceed their normal elastic limits w/ extreme hyperextension;
    - injuries that result may be characterized as part of spectrum of injuries including scapholunate dissociation and perilunar dislocation;
    - interosseous ligaments of distal row seldom fail clinically

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