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Dislocations and Fracture Dislocations of the Hip


- Discussion: 
    - hip dislocations are typically caused by high-energy trauma, usually from motor-vehicle accidents.
    - they occur most frequently in young patients;
    - types of dislocations:
          - anterior dislocation
          - central acetabular fracture dislocations
          - posterior hip - frx - dislocations
    - associated injuries: 
          - ipsilateral knee injuries: cruciate ligament injuries in 25%, collateral ligament injuries in 21%, and
                   periarticular fracture in 15%.

- Clinical Findings:

    - in general, patients w/ posterior hip dislocations will have internal rotation of the hip, where as
             patients w/ anterior dislocations will have external rotation of the hip;
             - if this is not the case, be suspicious for femoral neck or shaft frx, or an ipsilateral knee dislocation;

- Radiographic Evaluation of Hip Dislocation 
    - AP of the Hip;
    - pelvic series radiographs (AP, inlet and outlet);
    - acetabular series radiographs (Judet views);
    - radiograph of the femur and knee;
    - w/ posterior - frx - dislocations, the head will migrate superiorly;
    - w/ anterior dislocations, the head will migrate inferiorly or medially;
    - because trauma cassett is placed underneath buttocks, femoral head will appear small w/ posterior dislocations and
            will appear large w/ anterior dislocations; 

- Closed Reduction 
ensure that associated femoral neck fracture is not present;
      - post reduction CT scan:
               - look for concentric reduction and for the presence of intra-articular fragments or injury to the femoral
                         head and/or acetabulum
               - CT is esp useful with associated posterior wall fracture (to help predict stability);
               - note high incidence of false negatives with CT (can miss intra-articular fragments);
               - with slight non concentric reduction or question of OCD fragments consider hip arthroscopy;
      - references:
               - Reduction of posterior dislocation of the hip in the prone position.  
               - Irreducible fracture-dislocation of the hip: a severe injury with a poor prognosis.  
               - Irreducible traumatic dislocations of the hip.

- Complications:
    - Chondrolysis
    - Coxarthrosis 
            - Coxarthrosis Following Traumatic Posterior Dislocation of the Hip
    - Heterotopic Ossification
    - AVN after Hip Dislocation:
    - Sciatic Nerve Injury:
          - approx 10% w/ dislocation but may be as high as 35% in posterior acetabular fracture;
          - iatrogenic injury may be the result of laceration, penetration by drill bits, excessive traction by retractors, or prolonged
                    extension of the ipsilateral knee;
          - it appears that injuries of peroneal division of sciatic nerve have a worse prognosis than injuries of the tibial division; 
          - peroneal division have less fascicles, larger in size, and protected by less connective tissue
    - Coxa Magna
         - may occur in upto 50% of children who sustain hip dislocation 

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