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Judet Views of the Pelvis

- See:
     - AP view
     - Radiology of the Pelvis:

- Internal (Obturator) Oblique View:
    - shows iliopectineal line anterior column of pelvis & posterior wall;
    - pt is supine w/ involved side of pelvis rotated anteriorly 45 deg & beam directed vertically toward affected hip;


- External (Iliac) Oblique View:
    - shows ilioischial line (posterior) column & anterior wall;
    - pt is supine w/ uninvolved side of pelvis rotated ant. 45 degrees;
    - central beam directed vertically toward the affected hip
    - intra-operative flourscopy: it may be difficult to achieve optimal flouroscopy views if the C-arm is placed on the same side as the fracture;
          - rotating the injured side to a lower position may improve the view;


- Diagrams:

Lateral and high-angle oblique radiographs of the pelvis aid in diagnosing pelvic discontinuity after total hip arthroplasty.

Radiographic evaluation of screw position in revision total hip arthroplasty.