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Avascular Necrosis after Hip Dislocation

- See:
      - Frx Dislocations of the Hip
      - Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head

- Discussion:
    - overall incidence between 5-40%;
    - if reduction is performed w/in 6 hours, incidence of AVN will be less than 10%;
    - in the study by McKee, et al (1998), the occurance of AVN was 26% with a mean time to reduction of 15.3 hours;
    - time after dislocation when the dx of of AVN is variable;
    - AVN occurs 2-5 yrs after posterior dislocation of the hip;
    - typically, period of 3-4 months is required following dislocation before sufficient atrophy is present in surrounding bone to
            contrast living and dead bone on x-ray for the purpose of dx

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