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Inferior Gluteal Artery

- See Superior Gluteal Artery:

- Discussion:
    - inferior gluteal artery leaves pelvis below piriformis  and above superior gemelli (after passing greater sciatic  foramen );
    - main trunk of artery is vulnerable as it emerges from beneath lower border of pirformis when pelvic fractures involve greater sciatic notch;
    - it spreads superiorly and sends branches to maximus and muscles arising from the ischial tuberosity & may reach as far as lower part of the thigh;
          - small branches pass medially as far as the skin over the coccyx.
    - inferior gluteal branches are cut when gluteus maximus is splt;
    - anastomotic branch descends across short lateral rotator muscles of hip & contributes to cruciate anastomosis  of back of thigh.
    - cutaneous branches accompany radicles of posterior femoral cutaneous nerve & an accompanying artery of sciatic nerve .


Inferior Gluteal Artery (Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation)

  Spontaneous gluteal artery rupture resulting in compartment syndrome and sciatic neuropathy. Report of a case in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.