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- Anatomy:
    - origin: anterior surface of sacrum between and lateral to anterior sacral foramen, capsule of sacroiliac articulation, margin of the greater sciatic foramen,
          and sacrotuberous ligament;
    - insertion: superior border of greater trochanter of femur;
    - action: external rotation of hip & abducts thigh at the hip;
    - nerve supply: sacral plexus, L5, S1, S2;
    - synergists: superior and inferior gemellus, quadratus femoris, internal obturator and external obturator

Confirmation of needle placement within the piriformis muscle of a cadaveric specimen using anatomic landmarks and fluoroscopic guidance.

Piriformis syndrome.

Piriformis Syndrome: Anatomic Considerations, a New Injection Technique, and a Review of the Literature

Piriformis and obturator internus morphology: a cadaveric study.