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Muscles of the Leg

- See:
       - Innervation:
       - Plantar Muscles of the Foot:

- Fascial Compartments:
     - Anterior Compartment
     - Lateral Compartment
     - Deep Posterior Compartment
     - Superficial Posterior Compartment

- Anterior Compartment:
     - anterior to the interosseous membrane and lateral to tibia  are muscles that dorsiflex ankle & extend toes (Tibialis Anterior,EHL,
             EDL, peroneus tert.);
     - they arise from lateral side of tibia, interosseous membrane, & fibula;

- Posterior Compartment (Superficial)
     - this compartment is subdivided into superficial and deep groups by transverse intermuscular septum (deep crural);
     - superficial group consists of:
          - Gastrocnemius:
          - Soleus:
          - Plantaris:

- Deep Posterior Compartment: consists of:
    - FHL;
    - FDL;
    - Tibialis Posterior;
    - Popliteus;

- Lateral Compartment:
    - lateral to the fibula and separated from other compartments by anterior & posterior intermuscular septa;
    - contains two muscles: peroneus longus and, deep to it,  Peroneus Brevis, both arising chiefly from the fibula;
    - tendons of both muscles pass behind the lateral malleolus;
    - that of brevis inserts on base of fifth metatarsal, & that of longus crosses the plantar surface of foot to insert on medial cuneiform     
         & base of the first metatarsal on the medial side of the foot;
    - chief action of both muscles is eversion of the foot;

- Crural Fascia:
    - except where anterior and lateral surfaces of tibia is subQ, leg is surrounded by a tough, fibrous layer, crural fascia, which projects
           deeply as the several intermuscular septa separating the groups of muscles