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Deep Posterior Compartment

- See:
      - Laeral Compartment
      - Anterior Compartment
      - Superfical Posterior Compartment

- Discussion:
    - contains tibialis posterior, FDL, & FHL;
    - originates primarily from posterior tibia, fibula, & interosseous membrane in proximal 2/3 of leg, these structures are involved in plantar flexion of foot &
             toes & inversion of foot thru tibialis posterior msucle function;
    - major neurologic structure is posterior tibial nerve;
    - 2 major arteries, peroneal artery & posterior tibial arteries, are present in this compartment;
             - posterior tibial art, because of its protected nature, frequently is major arterial supply after significant open frx & is a potentaial source for anastomosis
                      w/  free flaps for soft tissue recontruction of the leg;

- Compartment Syndrome:
    - clawing of the toes, a common sequela of posttraumatic compartment syndrome within the deep posterior compartment following a distal third tibia fracture;
    - this may be due to the potential communication between the deep posterior compartment and the compartments of the foot

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