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Posterior Tibial Artery

- See: Anterior Tibial Artery

- Discussion:

  - posterior tibial artery enters posterior compartment of leg lying posterior to  tibialis posterior & enters plantar foot after passing behind 
           medial malleolus;
  - largest branch is peroneal  artery arising high in leg and coursing  downward in posterior compartment, lying just medial to fibula;
  - gives off branches to adjacent muscles sends branches thru interosseous membrane to anterior compartment & nutrient artery to the fibula;
           - lateral compartment of the leg has no artery proper to it;
           - tibial nutrient artery of tibia is large branch of posterior tibial artery;
  - under flexor retinaculum the posterior tibial artery divides into the lateral and medial plantar arteries;
           - medial plantar artery:
                  - travels w/ medial plantar nerve supplies medial portion of plantar foot;
                  - three medial metatarsal arteries usually receive branches from the  medial plantar artery;
           - lateral plantar artery:
                  - travels w/ lateral plantar nerve & passes across foot to form plantar  arch, which joins w/ deep plantar artery from the dorsalis pedis

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