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Superfical Posterior Compartment

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       - Lateral Compartment
       - Anterior Compart
       - Deep Posterior Compartment

- Discussion:
    - superficial posterior compartment contians gastrocnemius, soleus, popliteus, & plantaris muscles.
    - sural nerve, short & long saphenous veins are also w/in this compartment, but there are no arterial structures of significance;
    - popliteus functions as a leg flexor, internal rotator of tibia, & initiator of knee flexion;
    - gastrocnemius, crossing both knee and ankle, is a pimary flexor of knee and tibiotalar joints;
    - soleus  tendon joins gastrocnemius tendon in distal third of leg to form triceps surae or Achilles tendon;
    - plantaris has no f(x) significance, but may serve as a source for tendon graft donation

Superficial posterior compartment syndrome of the leg with deep venous compromise. A case report.

The deep posterior compartmental syndrome of the leg.