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Aortic Regurgitation

* Physical Exam: (heard best if pt. sits up, leans forward, & exhale) Early Diastolic (decrescendo) murmur. Mid Systolic Ejection Murmur (Austin Flint) S3 gallop (competes w/ diastolic murmur); widened pulse pressure Etiology: Congenital (bicuspid valves) Rheumatic hrt, Endocarditis VSD; Sequelae: Angina, LVH, CHF, DOE, orthopnea, PND; small increase in After-Load may cause large increase … Read more


– Discussion: – cardiovascular manifestations cause 90% of the deaths; – major abnormality is dilatation of the ascending aorta, which usually begins in the intrapericardial portion and extends into or beyond      aortic arch;      – dilatation at level of valve may result in aortic regurgitation;      – dilatation is progressive & precedes … Read more