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Class II Agents (Beta Blockers)

                         Dose (mg)   Interval    Specificity
  Atenolol                50-100      daily      Cardioselective
  Labetolol               200          bid
  Metoprolol              50-200       bid       Cardioselective
  Nadolol                 40-240       daily     Nonselective
  Pindolol                10-30        bid       Nonselective
  Propanolol              10-80        qid       Nonselective
  Timolol                 10-30        bid       Nonselective

- Cautions and Interactions:
    - when discontinuing beta blockers, it is necessary to taper dose;
    - aspirin (by inhibiting prostacycline) will decrease the effectivness of class II agents;
    - beta-Adrenergic-receptor antagonists reduce the renal plasma flow & glomerular filtration rate & should
            therefore be avoided in pts with renal impairment

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