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- See: Class II Agents

- Discussion:
     - nonselecive beta blocker;
     - for PSVT & for VF / VT w/o pulse after standard Rx fails:

- Dose:
      - 1.0 mg IV q5min to total dose of 0.1 mg/kg;
      - HTN: 40mg PO bid initially, then 120-140mg/day;
      - angina: 10-20mg PO qid; increase dosage at 3-7 day intervals prn;
      - average dose is 160mg/day;
      - post MI prophylaxis: 180-240mg/dayin 2-3 divided doses;
      - dysrhythmias: 10-30mgPO qid;
      - hypertrophic subaortic stenosis: 20-40mg qid;
      - migraine: 40mg PO bid;
      - tremor: 10mg po bid;
      - may be used with nitroglycerin
      - aortic dissection:
            - 0.5mg IV followed by 1mg IV q5min until pulse pressure is reduced to 60mm Hg or to a total dose of 0.15mg/kg,
                   in any 4hr period, with maintenencedose q4-6hr;

- Contraindications:
      - contraindicated w/ use of verapamil (causes asystole);
      - cardiogenic shock, sinus bradycardia, greater than 1st degree AV block, bronchial Asthma, CHF