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Circumferential Release: “Cincinati Incision”

- Discussion:
     - circumferential soft-tissue release involving posterior, medial, lateral, and plantar aspects of the foot;
     - its designed particularly to correct the horizontal subtalar rotation of the calcaneus that is associated with congenital club foot;
     - because of this, the posterior aspect of the calcaneus not only is in position of equinus but also is rotated and displaced laterally toward 
          the fibular malleolus;
     - this can be corrected only by freeing it completely, thus correcting abnormal rotation;
     - complete subtalar soft-tissue release must be done as single procedure because postop scarring makes subsequent procedures more difficult;
     - consider release of interosseous talocalcaneal ligament as well as of posterior talofibular ligament in all feet;
     - this incision provides exposure of the subtalar joint and is useful in patients with severe internal rotation deformity of the calcaneus;
     - potential problem with this incision is the tension on the suture line when attmepting to dorsiflex foot to apply the postoperative cast;
     - to avoid this the foot must be placed in mild plantar flexion in immediate post operative cast.
     - make a medial incision 8 to 9 cm long extending from the base of 1st metatarsal to the tendo calcaneus, curving it slightly just inferior to 
         the medial malleolus.
     - expose the and mobilize by careful disection the tendons of tibialis posterior, FDL, and FHL & posterior tibial artery, vein, and nerve;
     - expose the tendo calcaneus;
     - incise the sheaths of the tendons as they are exposed;
     - free posterior tibial neurovascular bundle and retract it posteriorly
     - by continuing incision in sheaths of FDL & FHL, divide master knot of Henry bundle beneath the Navicular;
     - divide calcaneonavicular (spring) ligament and the abnormal origin of the Abductor Hallucis.
     - of the remaining contractures, release the posterior ones first;
     - lengthen tendo calcaneus by Z plasty - detaching medial half of its tendinous insertion on the calcaneus;
     - retract neurovascular bundle and FHL anteriorly & expose posterior aspect of the ankle and subtalar joints;
     - incise the posterior capsule of the ankle joint under direct vision
     - if necessary divide the posterior talofibular ligament.
     - identify the posterior capsule of the subtalar joint and divide this along with the calcaneofibular ligament.
     - retract the neurovascular bundle posteriorly & divide tibiocalcaneal part of deltoid ligament;
     - do this by extending the incision in the posterior capsule of the subtalar joint medially and anteriorly;
          - realease the deep medial structures:
     - retract neurovascular bundle & lengthen by Z plasty tibialis posterior tendon just proximal to the medial malleolus;
     - use its distal end as a retractor of the navicular.
     - mobilize the navicular by opening the talonavicular joint & excising that part of the deltoid ligament that inserts on this bone;
     - incise talonavicular capsule but avoid damaging articular surface;
     - free navicular from tendon attachment to sustenaculum tali & spring ligament & detach spring ligament from sustenaculum tali;
     - evert the foot:
     - release posterior part of the incision and evert the foot;
     - release superficial layer of deltoid ligament from calcaneus posteriorly - under direct vision;
     - do not incise the deep layer of this liagment that extends from body of talus to the medial malleolus because this would cause
          flat foot deformity;
     - only remaining structures to be released are the subtalar ligaments
     - evert the foot and expose the talocalcaneal interosseous ligament, and cut the ligament under direct vision.
     - divide bifurcated (Y) ligament that extends from the calcaneus to lateral border of the navicular and to medial border of cuboid

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