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Menu for the Tibia / Tibia Frx

               Frx Treatment Methods:
                        Casting of Tibial Fractures
                        External Fixators
                        Plating of Tibial Fractures:
                        Intramedullary Nails for Tibial Fracture:

               Amputation following Fractures of the Tibia
               Blood Supply
               Blounts Disease
               Bone Grafting for Tibial Fracture
               Bowing of Tibia:
                       - Anterolateral Bowing:
                       - Posteromedial Tibial Bowing:
               Casting of Tibial Fractures
               Classification of Open Tibial Fractures:
               Compartment Syndrome following Tibial fx
               Congenital Pseudarthrosis
               Flaps for the Tibia:
               Indications for Internal Fixation
               Intercondylar Eminence Frx
               Infections in Fractures of the Tibia:
               Malunion of the Tibia
               Mangled Extremity Severity Score
               Non Unions
               Open Fractures of the Tibia
               Open Treatment of Closed Fractures
               Pediatric Tibial Fracture
               Pilon Frx:
               Plateau Fractures:
               Posterolateral Bone Grafting:
               Prognosis of Tibial Fractures
               Pseudoarthrosis of the Tibia:
               References for Tibial Injury
               Shin Splints:
               Stress Frx:
               Surgical Approaches to the Tibia
               Tibial Hemimelia
               Triplane Fracture
               Tubercle Frx
               Tumors of the Proximal Tibia
               Vascular Injuries from Tibial Fractures;
               X ray features

Current Concepts Review. Treatment of Unstable Fractures of the Shaft of the Tibia.

Congenital longitudinal deficiency of the tibia.

Tibial shortening for leg length discrepancy.

Physeal arrest about the knee associated with non-physeal fractures in the lower extremity.

Tibial rotational osteotomy for idiopathic torsion. A comparison of the proximal and distal osteotomy levels.

Ipsilateral tibia and ankle fractures.

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