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Fabellofibular (and Arcuate Ligament Complex)

- See: Arcuate Complex

- Anatomy:
    - arcuate & fabellogibular ligaments insert on apex of fibular styloid process & ascends vertically to lateral head of gastrocnemius,
          where they merge w/ by posterior termination of oblique popliteal ligament;
    - arcuate ligament is firmly adherent to underlying musculotendinous junction of the popliteus muscle;
    - fabellofibular ligament alone reinforces capsule in 20% of pts;
    - both arcuate ligament and the fabellofibular ligament reinforce the posterolateral aspect of the capsule in 2/3;
    - when fabella is large, fabellofibular ligament is large, but arcuate ligament is not present;
    - fabellofibular ligament is found deep between biceps tendon & lateral head of gastrocnemius;
           - may be as large as LCL;
    - when fabella (or cartilaginous fabell), arcuate ligament is present, but fabellofibular ligament is absent;
    - when cartiaginous fabella is present, both fabellofibular arcuate ligament are present, but they it will be smaller

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