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Arcuate Complex

- Discussion:
    - includes posterior 1/3 of lateral supporting structures;
    - it includes LCL, arcuate ligament, & exension of popliteus;
           - posterior 1/3 of the lateral ligamentous complex is reinforced by biceps, popliteus, & lateral head of gastrocnemius;
    - LCL:
           - extracapsular fibular colateral ligament originates from lateral epicondyle and attaches to the fibular head;
           - in approx 15% of pts short LCL is demarcated by presence of fabella confluent with the posterior aspect of LCL;
    - arcuate ligament:
           - originates on posterolateral aspect of femur inserts distally onto posterolateral aspect of tibia & is reinforced by the biceps tendon

Limits of movement in the human knee. Effect of sectioning the posterior cruciate ligament and posterolateral structures.

Knee dysfunction secondary to dislocation of the fabella.

The incidence of fabellae in osteoarthrosis of the knee.

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