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Tibial Non Unions

– Discussion:     – non union general discussion – frx healing discussion – definition: no evidence of healing over 3 months; – FDA definition: frx that is over 9 months old w/ no radiographic signs of progression toward healing for 3 months; – pain on weight bearing is a classical symptom of nonunion – final stage of … Read more


– Discussion:       – gram positive coccus        – spetrum of streptococci pyogenes infections:              – most common cause of celluitis and lymphangitis;              – superficial form of infection is called impetigo which affects stratum corneum;              – ecthyma contagiosum describes shallow superficial dermal ulcers caused by a slightly deeper infectios;              – erysipelas is … Read more

Stainless Steel

– Discussion:      – Characteristics of Metals and Implants:      – has best mechanical properties, as it is strong and has good fatigue resistance;      – it is easily worked and cheap to manufacture;      – serious draw back is the tendency to corrode;      – forged stainless steel has greater yield strength than … Read more


– See:        – Bone Scans following THR:        – Post Op Evaluation of THR: – Discussion:     – post op AP & lateral x-rays should include entire length of stem & cement mass;     – femur and cement column are inspected carefully and compared w/ previous films for … Read more

Anatomy of the Hand

– See: Dorsal Interossei from An Atlas of Human Anatomy by Carl Toldt, M.D., 1919. Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

Pediatric Acetabular Fractures

– See: Pediatric Pelvic Fractures – Discussion:     – disruption of acetabular triradiate cartilage in patient > age 12 will result in minimal subsequent growth disturbance;     – in younger pts acetabular growth abnormality is frequent complication;           – may result in shallow acetabulum & progressive subluxation of hip; … Read more