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Acetabular Component Revision w/ Gap Cup

Total Hip Replacement Menu » Acetabular Component Revision » Discussion indications: salvage device for use in cases of pelvic discontinuity where a stable socket cannot be wedged between the anterior and posterior columns; classification of bone defects and bone grafting options: in almost every case, bone graft is morcelized and placed behind the cup; in … Read more

Accessory Navicular

Discussion accessory navicular is an accessory ossicle of the foot which is located on the medial side of foot, proximal to the navicular and in continuity with the tibialis posterior tendon; approximately 2-12% of people may have this ossicle; accessory navicular generally does not ossify until 9 years of age, and in about one half … Read more

Accessory Bones of the Foot

most common accessory bones os trigonum os tibiale externum (accessory navicular) os peroneum (lateral aspect of cuboid) os vesalianum (base of 5th metatarsal) less common accessory bones os supratalare (antero-supero aspect of talus) os supranaviculare (superior aspect of navicular – seen on lateral) processus uncinatus (at intersection of navicula, 2nd and 3rd cuniform) os intercuneiforme … Read more

Above the Knee Amputation

  (see also: AKA Prosthesis, Amputations in the Diabetic Patient Discussion average AK amputee walks 43% slower and expends 89% more kcal/min than the normal person; if proximal circulation is adequate, a longer anterior muscle flap may be left and the combination myodesis- myoplasty technique is used; ability to ambulate with a prosthesis depends heavily … Read more

Abductor Digiti Minimi Brevis

(see also: Plantar Muscles of the Foot, Innerv. Musc. Lower Limb) Origin: the lateral process of the tuberosity of calcaneus. Insertion: lateral side of the base of the proximal phalanx of the 5th toe. Action: Spreads the 5th toe away from the 4th toe. Nerve Supply: lateral plantar nerve, S1, S2