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ST segment: Discussion

- See: EKG Dx of MI * Usually short: < 2mm flat; * Isoeletric w/ PR segment: (not T-P segment); * Duration: < 2 mm; See QT widening; * Axis: Anterion (J point Elevation: V1-V3); 
- Considered Early Repolarization; * ST ELEVATION: 
- ST above PR segment in Inferior, Anterior, &/or Lateral Leads; 
- If normal variant, call it "J point elevation; 
- V2: ST Elevation: ? Acute Ischemic Injury; 
- See MI EKG Patterns / Rx of MI * ST depression
- ST below PR segment in Inferior, Anterior, &/or Lateral Leads; 
- II: ST Depression: Abnormal in Lead II; 
- Scooped Out: Digitoxin; (See EKG Changes) * 
- V5: Inverted T wave / Increased R wave: ? LVH
- See EKG Changes from MI

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