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Reticulum Cell Sarcoma

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- Discussion:
    - bone tumor derived from reticuloendothelial elements of marrow;
    - it presents in middle age;
    - causes localized bone pain w/ tenderness & effussion in adjacent joints;
- Radiographs:
    - poorly defined, permeative, osteolytic tumor w/ minimal periosteal reaction;
- Diff Dx:
    - osteomyelitis
    - metastatic carcinoma
    - Ewing's sarcoma
    - MFH
    - Fibrosarcoma of bone
- Histology:
    - large, foam filled histiocytes with numerous mitoses and scant stroma;
    - reticulum stains are positive;
    - Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) stains are negative;
- Treatment:
    - stage I tumors are treated with radiation therapy alone;
    - chemotherapy is added for more advanced tumors

Histiocytic lymphoma (reticulum-cell sarcoma) of bone. Current strategy for orthopaedic surgeons.