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Fibrosarcoma of Bone

- Discussion:
    - fibrosarcoma of bone occurs most often in adolescents or young adults;
    - presents in major long bones, presenting as painful mass;
    - preoperative staging studies are needed  to differentiate low grade stage I fibrosarcomas from high grade stage II lesions;

- X-rays
    - poorly defined, destructive, radiolucent lesion of metaphysis;
    - stage I tumors:
          - remain w/ in bone and have a distinct, well defined margin;
    - high grade tumors:
          - poorly marginated & permeative lesion w/ bone destruction;

- Treatment:
    - limb salvaging excision w/ wide margin sufficies for stage Ia tumors, whereas stage IIb fibrosarcomas require radical or wide margins w/
         adjuvant chemotherapy or radiation therapy;
    - prognosis for patients with stage II fibrosarcoma is guarded;

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