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Platlet Concentrate: (Random Donor)

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- See: Bleeding secondary to Platlet abnormalities:

- Discussion:
    - volume: approximately 50 mL (60 x 10^9 platlets -? 1-5 x 10^11);
    - one unit of platlet concentrate can raise the platlet count by 10,000;
    - rate of infusion: as rapidly as possible; ? IV infusion over 30 min;
    - indications: prevention or treatment of bleeding secondary to thrombocytopenia or platlet dysfunction;
    - contraindications: TTP:
    - usual order is 6-8 units (pooled);
    - one unit of platlets will increase platlet count by 1000; (check 1hr post platlet count);

- Complications:
    - alloimmunization: 75% of patients receiving platlets on a regular basis will become alloimmunized to platlet antigens
    - sepsis:
            - platlets require storage at room temperature, which allows optimal situation for bacterial growth;
    - bleeding:
            - hypothermia causes platlet dysfunction and increased bleeding time;
            - w/ massive bleeding, must transfuse 8 units of platlets for every 10-12 units of pRBC's transfused;
            - misc:
                  - Von Willebrand's dz: Treat with cryoprecipitate or DDAVP;
                  - acquired platlet dysfunction: w/ uremia try conjugated estrogens

Hypothermia-induced reversible platelet dysfunction.

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