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Management of Renal Failure / Renal Trauma

- General Orders for the Renal Failure Patient

    - Renal Trauma / Urogenital Trauma
    - Fluids Electrolytes and Nutrition
    - Renal / Dialysis
    - Hematology
    - Neuro
    - MSK
    - ID: frequent UA and UCx to rule out infection, esp w/ foley;
         - hemodialysis effciently removes aminoglycosides (50% after 4hrs) and penicillins and cephalosporins;
         - hence drug doses should be given at the end of dialysis;
    - Cardiovascular:
         - r/o uremic pericarditis (ECHO), consider need for steroids, indocin, or need for more intensive dialysis;
         - pericardial tamponade requires drainage;
    - GI:
         - expect N/V, anorexia, and metallic taste in mouth;
         - vomiting & diarrhea and inadequate fluid intake may add prerenal component to RF;
         - add tagamet, as there is a higher incidence of ulncers;
    - Endocrine:
         - w/ decr renal f(x) expect decr insulin requirments;

 - Bone Disease
 - Intra-Renal Oliguria
 - Prerenal Management
 - Postrenal
 - References
 - Renal Toxins
 - Signs and Symptoms of Renal Dz
 - Urine Analysis