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Ilizarov Method: The Consolidation Phase

Dr. Mangal Parihar 

- Discussion:
At the end of distraction, Ilizarov recommends "training the regenerate'. Simply put, this involves overlengthening the limb by 7 to 10 mm and then compressing this back to the proper length in a gradual fashion. This ensures a larger cross sectional area of regenerate to participate in the consolidation. The fixator has to be neutralized to ensure that the weight bearing stresses will be transferred to the newly formed osseous tissue. Neutralization is achieved by reversing (compressing) the rings at a rate of 0.25 mm an alternate days till the rings no longer move towards each other. At this point there is no more tension in the system, and most of the weight bearing forces are transmitted through the bone. This procedure may render the wires relatively lax, and they may need to be tensioned if the patient complains of pain or instability can be demonstrated. At this time a monthly follow up will usually suffice. During the consolidation phase the risk of complications is reduced markedly, and the patient's functional abilities increase. Movement and ambulation are encouraged to ensure a speedy consolidation of the regenerate. 

- Removal of the Fixator and Post Fixator Removal

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 The Consolidation Phase 
- Removal of the Fixator and Post Fixator Removal