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Ilizarov Method: Ambulation

Dr. Mangal Parihar 

- Discussion:
Practically every patient needs to be taught weight bearing ambulation after the fixator is put on. It is not enough to tell them to bear full weight. There is a natural wariness to bear full weight on a limb that has just been operated, which is compounded by the pain in the early phase of treatment. Therefore it is mandatory that the patient be taught and his ambulation supervised till the surgeon is certain of his ability to bear a fair amount of weight on the limb. The other facet to this is the pattern of gait. The tendency is to walk with the limb gingerly held in front of the body with the ankle in plantarflexion. This prevents proper weight bearing, and promotes an ankle plantarflexion and knee flexion contracture. The patient has to learn to progress in the proper sequence of heel strike to toe-off. 

- Ilizarov Post Op Care 
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 - The Early Post-op period (the Latent Phase) 
- Pain relief  
- Limb Positioning 
- The Distraction Phase 
- Neurological Examination 
- Pinsites for Signs of Inflammation / Infection 
- Stability of Frame & Components 
- Ambulation
  Follow-up Checklist (X-rays) 
- Quality of regenerate 
- Physiotherapy 
- The Consolidation Phase 
- Removal of the Fixator and Post Fixator Removal 

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