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Neurologic Injury in Acetabular and Pelvic Fractures

- See: Neuro Exam

- Discussion:
    - mechanism of injury:
           - direct neural injury from sacral frx;
           - indirect neural injury from traction accompanying pelvic displacement;
    - injury to lumbrosacral plexus is most common w/ L-5 & S-1 roots being at greatest risk;
    - injury to femoral nerve is also common;
    - its always important to identify these injuries in the ER because neurologic function may deteriorate futher during surgery, and
                postoperatively (due to hematoma, scarring. and heterotopic ossification);

- Exam:
    - see: neuro exam discussion:
    - evaluate: sciatic, femoral, and obturator nerve functions;
    - rectal exam: assesses lower sacral nerves to rule out cauda equina injury & will reveal rectal injuries

- Surgical Considerations:
     - acetabular ORIF:
              - hip is kept extended and knee flexed as much as possible especially when posterior acetabular retractors are utilized; 
              - release of the sciatic nerve from the greater sciatic notch to below the insertion of the gluteus maximus tendon will improve
                         sciatic nerve symtpoms (radicular pain, paresthesias, and diminished sensation);
                         - piriformis will often have to be divided

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