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Femoral Nerve

- Anatomy:
    - arises from posterior divisions of Ventral Rami of L2, L3, L4
    - see innerv. musc. lower limb;
    - passes inferolaterally thru psoas, & then runs between this muscle & iliacus;
    - it passes over Iliacus muscle to enter thigh underneath the inguinal ligament;
    - it supplies quadriceps & anteromedial thigh, & then continues on as the saphenous nerve;
    - branches:
          - Pectineus : arises at the level of the inguinal ligament;
          - Sartorius
          - Quadriceps

- Femoral Nerve Block:

- Femoral Nerve Palsy:
    - may result from iliacus hematoma (either from anticoagulation or hemophilia)

Femoral nerve block  in knee joint surgery.

Iatrogenic femoral nerve injuries.

Ipsilateral sciatica on femoral nerve stretch test is pathognomonic of an L4/5 disc protrusion.

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