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- origin:
    - proximal 2/3 of the lateral supracondylar ridge of the humerus and lateral intermuscular septum;
- insertion:
    - inserts into lateral surface of distal radius, immediately above styloid process;
- synergist:  Brachialis ,   biceps brachi ;
- nerve supply: radial  -   C6  >   C5

- function:
     - brachioradialis muscle assists in elbow flexion and is also a semipronator and semisupinator of the forearm, bringing it from supine
           or prone position to neutral rotation;

- muscle transfer:
    - if BR is to be used for a muscle tranfer, then be sure that the triceps muscle is working since the BR crosses two joints and requires an antagonistic muscle group

Year Book: The Distally-Based Brachioradialis Muscle Flap.

Dorsal Transfer of the Brachioradialis to the Flexor Pollicis Longus Enables Simultaneous Powering of Key Pinch and Forearm Pronation.

Functional Consequence of Distal Brachioradialis Tendon Release: A Biomechanical Study