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Open Supracondylar Frxs

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- Discussion:
    - traumatic wound is nearly always anterior in location, and may have a variable degree of damage to the extensor mechanism;
    - in pts w/ grades I, II, or IIIa open supracondylar frx consider ORIF
    - for IIIb and IIIc fractures consider external fixation across knee;
    - vascular injuries:
         - popliteal artery is tethered proximally at hiatus & distally by of soleus;
         - w/ a possible vascular injury;
              - must antatomically reduce frx prior to arterial repair, since overriding or shortening can disrupt anastomosis w/ subsequent manipulation;
         - consider use of a temporary external fixator;
         - fasciotomy of leg - after 6-8 hrs of Ischemia:
         - amputation w/ disruption of sciatic or posterior tibia nerves