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Retinacular Arteries (their formation)

- Discussion:
    - Ascending Cervical Branches travel proximally under the hip capsule and continue proximally along neck deep to synovial membrane toward the femoral head;
           - these arteries are known as retinacular arteries;
           - as cervical arteries traverse superficial surface of femoral neck, they send many small branches into metaphysis of femoral neck;
    - superior retinaculum vessels important for femoral head circulation;
         - derived from MFCA & LFCA (along w/ inferior gluteal & 1st profunda perforating;
         - 3 chief groups:
              - posterior inferior - posterior superior (from MFCA);
              - anterior (from LFCA); - two nutrient arteries:
              - from upper perforating arteriest of the profunda femoris;
              - they enter the femur close to the linea aspera and run up & down the marrow cavity;
    - close proximity of retinacular arteries puts them at risk of injury in any fracture of the femoral neck which may lead to AVN

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