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Femoral Neck Non-Union

- See: Avascular Necrosis following Femoral Neck Fracture

- Discussion:
    - usually non unions are apparent w/in one year of femoral neck frx;
    - incidence ranges from 10 to 30%;
    - only 1/3 of pts w/ AVN will require additional surgery where as
    - 3/4 patients with non union will require reoperation;
    - non-union is initially suspected when there is pain in groin or buttock, esp on extension of the hip or with weight-bearing;
    - these symptoms occur earlier and are more severe than those from AVN;
    - assessment of risk of non-union:
            - in the study by Hammer, the author assessed risk of non union using modified Pauwel's radiographic classification;
                  - modified Pauwel's method classifies frx as horizontal, transverse, or vertical, according to the direction of the fracture on the femoral head;
                  - 11/11 Garden II frx w/ horizontal frx line had non-union;
                  - 2/5 Garden II frx w/ vertical frx line had non-union;
                  - 6/14 Garden III frx w/ vertical frx line had non-union;
                  - 2/5 Garden IV frx w/ vertical frx line had non union;
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- Radiographs:
    - show a radiolucent zone, and tomography confirms the lack of healing;
    - look for:
          - change in fracture position by 10 mm;
          - change in screw position by 5%
          - backing out of the screws
          - perforation of the femoral head
    - as in this case, there will often be hardware failure or cut out of nail;

- Bone Scan:
    - shows high uptake will be seen in area of non-union;

- MRI:
    - non-union may be accompanied by osteonecrosis;
    - MRI may be used to evaluate viability of femoral head before the options for treatment are considered;

- Labs:
    - CBC, sed rate, and CRP inorder to help rule out infection;

- Management: Young Patients:
    - in younger pt refixation w/ cancellous graft & valgus osteotomy may be indicated;
    - in most non unions there is a vertical fracture line (causing shear stress rather than compression across the frx site) and most non-unions have drifted into some varus angulation;
    - valgus intertrochanteric osteotomy
           - makes fracture line more horizontal and converts shear forces at nonunion site to compressive forces, which then promote fracture healing;
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    - in younger pt who has collapse of femoral head concurrent w/ non-union, total hip replacement is indicated;
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- Management of Elderly Patient:
    - in elderly pt who is able to walk about the community, a non-union is treated with a total hip replacement;
    - references:
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