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Intercondylar fractures

- Discussion:
    - condyles will frx apart w/ variable amount of displacement, & comminution;

- Approach:
    - use posterior approach w/ olecranon osteotomy;
    - articular surface is restored using interfragmentary lag screw fixation;
    - coronoid and olecranon fossa must not be violated with fixation, nor should width of the trochlea be narrowed by overcompressing the 
    - condyles are then stabilized to humeral shaft w/ medial & lateral plates.
    - consider ulnar nerve transposition;

- Multifragmentary intra articular fractures:
    - posterior approach:
    - identify the ulnar nerve
    - osteotomy of the olecranon;
    - exposure of the fracture;
    - reconstruction of the joint using K wires, or 1.6 mm threaded guide wires if 4.5 mm canulated screw over the threaded guide wire;
    - defects of the articular surface: 3.5 mm cortex screws as fixation screws in combination with bone grafting;
    - 5 to 7 hole 3.5 mm reconstruction plate is applied to dorsolateral side;
    - on medial may use a reconstruction plate or one third tubular plate;
    - reattachment of the olecranon

Intercondylar fractures of the humerus. An operative approach.

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