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Frx of the Medial Condyle in Children

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      - Frx of Medial Condyle in Adult:

- Discussion:
    - rare injury;
    - look for medial sided pain;
    - unlike frx of medial epicondyle, elbow dislocation usually does not occur in this injury;
    - in the report by Leet AI, et al (2002), the authors performed a retrospective study of 21 medial condylar fractures revealed that the 
          complication rate for these rare fractures was 33%;
          - most of the minimally displaced fractures healed uneventfully with immobilization; however, one patient developed AVN of the
                 trochlea, and one patient developed a nonunion;
          - operative treatment was performed if there was >2 mm of displacement at the fracture site;
          - 2 of three fracture-dislocations lost reduction in the early postoperative period, requiring revision with more stable fixation;

- Radiographs:
    - because the trochlea does not ossify until age 8 yrs, frx of the medial condyle may be mistaken for frx of medial epicondyle;
          - this is especially true if there is significant pain, swelling, and instability (but no dislocation);
          - fracture into the metaphyseal bone helps with the diagnosis;
    - consider MRI if the diagnosis is in question

Fractures of the medial condyle of the humerus in childhood.

Medial Condyle Fractures of the Humerus in Children