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Metacarpal Joint Injury

  - carpometacarpal fracture dislocation
  - dislocation of MP joint:
          - complex dislocations of the MP joint
          - simple dislocations of the MP joint
          - thumb MP joint dislocation
  - metacarpal head frx
  - metacarpal neck fracture
  - metacarpal shaft fractures
  - MP joint locking
  - rheumatoid arthritis: MP joint
        - MP joint arthroplasty

  - MP collateral ligament injury:
        - game keeper injury;
        - injury mechanism: finger is flexed and forced to one side (w/ radial injury, the finger is flexed in an ulnar direction);
        - indications for ORIF:
               - wide displacement of avulsion chip ( > 2-3 mm) on x-ray;
               - if fragment involves > 20% of articular surface;
               - ulnar collateral ligament injuries (or frx) in the little MP joint should be treated more aggressively than injuries involving the other digits because the abductor digiti quinti will pull the digit in an ulnar direction;
        - references:
               - Injury to collateral ligament of the metacarpophalangeal joint of a finger
               - Operation for collateral ligament ruptures of the metacarpophalangeal joints of the fingers.

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