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Hand and Metacarpal Fractures

- See:
    - Metacarpal Neck Frx: (See 5th MCP Frx)
    - Unstable Metacarpal Shaft Frx

- Extra-articular Base Frx

- X-Rays:
    - isolated metacarpal views are not possible;
    - 30 deg pronated lateral: for index and long metacarpals;
    - 30 supinated lateral: for ring and little metacarpals;

- Non Operative Treatment:  
    - wrist is extended in 20 deg of extension, MP joint in 60-70 of flexion, & IP joints in extension;
    - metacarpal and phalangeal frx will typically unite prior to radiographic evidence, which may take upto 5 months;
    - metacarpal frx typically unite in 6 wks & phalangeal frx unite in 3 wks;
    - references:
             - Three cast techniques for the treatment of extra-articular metacarpal fractures. Comparison of short-term outcomes and final fracture alignments.

- Unstable Metacarpal Shaft Frx:
    - Spiral Fractures;
    - Oblique Fractures involving two metacarpals;
    - Transverse frxs;
    - K wires:
    - ORIF is indicated when:
             - displaced fracture involving the joint
             - soft tissue interposition preventing reduction
             - presence of multiple fractures;

- Surgical Approaches:
    - longitudinal extensile inicisions are used over dorsum of the hand;
    - border metacarpals are approached thru longitudinal incisions between 2nd and thrid or fourth and fifth metacarpals;
    - juncturae tendinum interconnecting the common extensor tendons can be split to enhance exposure (tag for later repair);

- Metacarpal Head Frx:
    - often badly comminuted;
    - consider a short period of splinting followed by early active motion;
    - this may mold the articular surface by using the soft tissue sleeve;
    - early motion will also prevent joint stiffness, but loos of motion is common after this type of fracture 


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