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Lateral Bands


- See: Extensor Mechanism of Fingers

- Discussion:
    - two lateral bands arise from the sides of the EDC just proximal to the PIP;
    - interossei supplement the lateral bands on both sides of the digit;
    - lumbricals supplement lateral bands on radial side of the digit;
    - lateral bands travel on either side of proximal phalanx, and continue around the lateral aspect of PIP joints and finally both slips join 
            together in a triangular aponeurosis to form the extensor tendon to the digital phalanx;
    - lateral bands are held in place over the PIP by the transverse retinacular ligament;

- Lateral Band Tightness:
    - may be caused by any mass on lateral side of digit (osteophyte, tumor);
    - management:
            - distal transection of the lateral bands (and their oblique fibers are transected);
            - care is taken to preserve the transverse fibers

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