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Frykman Classification of Distal Radius Frx

Fracture                                                            Distal Ulnar Fracture:
                                                                              Absent     Present
Extra articular                                                              I               II
Intra articular involving radiocarpal joint                      III              IV
Intra articular involving distal RU joint                         V               VI
Intra articular involving both radiocarpal &                  VI             VIII
    distal radioulnar joints

- Discussion:
    - Frykman classification considers involvement of radiocarpal & RU joint, in addition to presnce or absence of frx of ulnar styloid process;
    - classification does not include extent or direction of initial displacement, dorsal comminution, or shortening of the distal fragment;
           - hence, it is less useful in evaluating outcome of treatment

Fracture of the distal radius including sequelae--shoulder-hand-finger syndrome, disturbance in the distal radio-ulnar joint and impairment of nerve function. A clinical and experimental study.