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Cuboid Frx

- See: Longitudinal Stress Injuries of Midtarsal Joint

- Discussion:
    - injuries to cuboid may be accompanied by impaction w/ loss of bone stock;

- Associated Injuries:
    - navicular tuberosity frx
    - Lisfranc fracture
    - midfoot/forefoot fractures
    - midtarsal injuries

- Radiographs:

    - oblique radiograph are used to r/o mid foot injuries;

- Nut Cracker Injury:
    - results from a compression of cuboid between the calcaneus and 4th & 5th metatarsals;
    - may be assoc with midfoot frx and Lisfranc frx;
    - normal foot requires reestablishing the length of lateral column of foot;
    - this is accomplished by bone grafting and internal fixation

- Case Example: