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Tarsal Navicular

- See:
      - Accessory Navicular
      - Kohler's Disease I

- Anatomy:
    - navicular joins in front w/ medial, intermediate, & lateral cuneiform bones, which articulate anteriorly w/ first, second, and third metatarsals;
    - navicular provides insertion for tibialis posterior;
    - blood supply to the navicular bone is radial and extraarticular & is subject to loss both at time of injury & at time of surgical rx;

- Fracture:
    - navicular stress frx
    - cortical avusion fractures
    - body fractures
    - longitudinal stress injuries of midtarsal joint
    - dorsal lip frx:
         - look for assoc ankle sprain;
         - w/ large lip frx or mid tarsal joint injury, then consider SLC;
    - fracture dislocation


- Assoc Injuries:
    - Midfoot/Forefoot Fractures
    - Midtarsal Injuries

Displaced intra-articular fractures of the tarsal navicular.

Surgical reconstruction for calcaneonavicular coalition. Evaluation of function and gait.

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