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Calcaneo-Navicular Coalition. Late Results of Resection

Acta Orthop Scand. 1968;39(3):424-432
Andreasen E


            After a follow-up period of 10-22 years 31 feet, treated primarily by resection of calcaneo-navicular coalition, were examined. In 6 instances triple arthrodesis had been performed secondarily. The results of the resections were subjectively good in 13 cases, while 9 patients still had mild complaints and 2 had severe pain. One patient was not seen, but reported that he had no complaints at all.
            Objective examination revealed a well-preserved shape of the foot, good mobility in the ankle joint, and often restoration of subtalar mobility. However, X-rays revealed recurrence of the coalition in two-thirds of the feet, and 23 out of 24 exhibited definite osteoarthritis, especially of Chopart’s joint, even before the patients had reached the age of 40. Accordingly, I feel that resection cannot be recommended, as it is in most cases followed by osteoarthritis. Triple arthrodesis must be considered safer. (Reprinted by permission of Taylor & Francis Ltd., http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals.)