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Tibial Tunnel for ACL Reconstruction

– Discussion:      – considerations for graft placement     – optimal graft angle     – land marks for graft entry point      – determination of graft length      – retention of remnant ligament:            – ref: Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with remnant preservation: a prospective, randomized controlled study. – Transtibial Technique:     – tibial tunnel guide is … Read more

The Ankle Joint

– See: Role of the Ankle in Gait     – Discussion:     – is a hinge joint w/ malleoli projecting downward from tibia & fibula forming medial and lateral walls of the mortise, encompassing talus;     – in addition, malleoli serve as pulleys for tendons reaching plantar surface of foot from posterior and lateral compartments of … Read more

The Effect of Tibiotalar Fixation on Foot Biomechanics

Foot Ankle Int. 1997 Dec;18(12):792-797   Wayne JS, Lawhorn KW, Davis KE, Prakash K, Adelaar RS   ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: Contact areas and peak pressures in the posterior facet of the subtalar and the talonavicular joints were measured in cadaver lower limbs for both the normal limb and after fixation of the tibiotalar joint. METHODS: Six … Read more

The Long-Term Results of Ankle Arthrodesis

Acta Orthop Scand. 1981;52(1):107-110   Boobbyer GN   ABSTRACT   Thirty-seven patients who had ankle arthrodesis carried out from 1-17 years previously were reviewed. The commonest indication in this series was post-traumatic osteoarthritis. Five different methods of fusion were used, the most common being the Charnley compression technique. The incidence of union, the fusion position, … Read more

Talocrural Arthrodesis with Absorbable Screws. 12 Cases Followed for 1 Year

Acta Orthop Scand. 1992;63(2):170-172   Partioa EK, Hirvensaloa E,  Partiob E, Pelttaric S,  Jukkala-Partioa K, Böstmana O,  Hänninenc A, Pertti Törmälä P, Rokkanena P   ABSTRACT   In 11 patients, 12 arthrodeses of the ankle joint were performed by using absorbable self-reinforced poly-llactide (SR-PLLA) or polyglycolide (SR-PGA) screws. 8 patients had posttraumatic arthrosis, 3 rheumatoid arthritis, and 1 … Read more

Surgeon Training and Complications in Total Ankle Arthroplasty

Foot Ankle Int. 2003 Jun;24(6):514-518   Saltzman CL, Amendola A, Anderson R, Coetzee JC, Gall RJ, Haddad SL, Herbst S, Lian G, Sanders RW, Scioli M, Younger AS ABSTRACT   BACKGROUND: This study assessed the problems with initial use of ankle arthroplasty by surgeons who were trained by observing the surgeon/inventor (group I), who have … Read more